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Weekly Roundup - March 17, 2023
March 17th, 2023
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You Must Be Born From Above
March 17th, 2023
The phrase “being born again” has been thrown around by Christians in American society for decades; yet the popular understanding of what it means is an unfortunately grave misunderstanding. It is not...  Read More
Weekly Roundup - March 10, 2023
March 10th, 2023
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Weekly Roundup - March 3, 2023
March 3rd, 2023
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Exploring Psalm 119:25-32
February 27th, 2023
The fourth stanza of the 119th Psalm is once again centered on the sufficiency of Scripture. The Psalmist is confessing his sin with a penitent heart, making a turn from his transgression to once agai...  Read More
Weekly Roundup - Feb 24, 2023
February 24th, 2023
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Exploring Psalm 119:17-24
February 20th, 2023
Psalm 119:17-24 continues to search deep into the heart of the matter, regarding a desperate desire to pursue the Word of the Lord. The follower of Christ has a passion to run after Jesus, the Author ...  Read More
Exploring Psalm 119:9-16
February 13th, 2023
Psalm 119:9-16 continues with an even deeper desire to pursue Christ in His Word. The psalmist understands the his only hope in finding joy in this life is by abiding with and walking in the Word of G...  Read More
The Wrath of God Revealed
February 10th, 2023
Romans 1:18-32 is admittedly a difficult text, not to comprehend its meaning but to accept what Paul is teaching. If the reader had the privilege of reading the last article, they would have gleaned t...  Read More
Exploring Psalm 119:1-8
February 6th, 2023
Psalm 119 is the longest chapter of the Bible (176 verses) and the entire poem is about the Word of God. In this chapter, there are many instructions to the believer, but none more emphatic than for t...  Read More
Sin Separates Us From God
January 31st, 2023
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). By the sixth day God had created everything else that we have come to know in this world. “And God saw everything that he had ma...  Read More
Exploring Isaiah 40:7-8
January 30th, 2023
The most important place to begin in discipleship is the fact of the Sufficiency of the Word of God. If we cannot trust the Bible, then we cannot be resolved to obey its commands. The Word of God is t...  Read More